Anti-worker onslaught is coming. Here’s what you need to know.

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Here we go again.

Republicans are gearing up to bring their out-of-date, out-of-touch, anti-worker trump card to the New Mexico legislative session again this year: so-called “right to work.”

If you haven’t heard, Gov. Martinez declared yesterday that she would allow so-called “right to work” bills to be heard during the upcoming legislative session.

Last year ProgressNow NM was at the forefront of the fight to defeat “right to work” as we exposed the tangled web of half-truths and conservative “sugar daddies” propping up these anti-worker bills. One of our staff people was even denied his right to speak during a committee hearing on “right to work” because the Republican committee members simply didn’t want the public hearing the truth about where these bills come from and what they’re really meant to do (big business special interests and to weaken progressive power, respectively).GRAPHIC | RTW UFCW Group

Business site selectors see “right to work” laws as “old thinking,” the Chamber of Commerce’s own members don’t think it’s a priority, workers make less in states with these laws, and the amount of jobs these laws would effect is small considering only 5.7% of New Mexico workers belong to unions. But they’re pushing it along anyway.

So you know what to expect (and how to respond) when the first “right to work” bill is heard in the legislature, check out this RESOURCE GUIDE we put together. And stay tuned to ProgressNow NM as this fight comes to our state once again.