Fight back: CALL 770 KKOB NOW

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Conservative talk-radio headquarters 770 KKOB is at it again and, this time, we have a chance to weigh in.

During today’s (Monday Feb 1) 9am call-in show, Bob Clark is discussing the state legislature.

His topic:  a KOB TV news story profiling Republican complaints about some of their crime bills getting 3 committee assignments in the Senate.

Why?  Republicans put forward 20+ bills adding penalties to crimes – but most passed the House without any fiscal impact report.  Don’t we need to know how much they cost?

From KOB:

Senate Finance Committee chair Sen. John Arthur Smith, D-Deming, says his committee is reviewing all bills with fiscal impacts on the budget since revenues are down in 2016 and may fall even further.


Call into 770 KKOB (505.243.3333) and help them correct the story:

  • All 4 House crime bills which were sent to the Senate have committee assignments
  • House Republicans gave 4 Democratic bills 3 committee assignments, including:
    • A bill to cap interest rates on pay day loans
    • A bill to pay for early childhood education for every student
    • A healthcare bill
  • New Mexico is the only state in the country trying to build more prisons – why aren’t we building more schools?


Call now through 9:50 am.