The biggest surprise from the legislative session you haven’t heard yet.

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The gavel’s down. The lobbyists are headed home. The coffee pots are turned off.

The 2016 New Mexico legislative session is officially terminado. (Or, sine die, as they say in the Roundhouse.)

So what’s the surprise?  After 30-days with a broken budget, fewer jobs and more gridlock, Governor Martinez declared the 2016 legislative session “a success!” 

At the end of sine die, what did conservative leadership get us in 2016? Here are a few examples:

Our ProgressNow NM team was in Santa Fe every day of the session just like we have been for the past 5 years.

But we can’t have an impact without you – the people who stay informed and take action to support the causes you believe in.

Check out all the amazing ways ProgressNow NM supporters engaged with your legislature over the past 4 weeks:

Gov. Martinez calls this session “a success,” but, frankly, we’re tired of playing defense. Luckily, there’s an election coming up.

Last year you helped us raise over $130,000 to help progressive candidates and causes throughout New Mexico. But we’re going to need even more than that this year once the corporate lobbyists, Koch Brothers, the out-of-state Super PACs, and other wealthy special interests descend on NM.

No other organization does what we do and we can’t do what we do without you.

Can you chip in $6, $16, or $56 to help us make New Mexico a progressive state in 2016?

 P.S. Did you catch up on everything that’s been happening over the past few days?

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