Who do YOU support for President in 2016?

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Who are you supporting for U.S. President in 2016? 

VOTE NOW in the ProgressNowNM 2016 Presidential Poll. Click here to cast your vote.

Results of the ProgressNowNM 2016 Presidential Poll will be announced next Friday, March 4th — that gives you one week to vote, share and run up the vote for your pick.

But you can only vote once, so you’ll have to do a little grassroots organizing to share via email, Facebook and Twitter with your friends if you want to see your candidate win.


Click here to VOTE in the PROGRESSNOWNM 2016 Presidential Poll.

PROGRESSNOW has been the New Mexico progressive’s headquarters for news and election info for four years.  Our activists turnout to vote more often and work harder for candidates, so our voices matter.

New Mexico’s primary happens in June and in most years, that’s long after presidential nominees are picked.  But this year, it’s anyone’s game on both sides of the aisle so New Mexico’s primary voters could well be the deciders in the national party elections.

Will is be The Donald vs. The Bern? or Hillary vs. Marco?  or will an underdog Republican surge to the top in a last minute surprise? You tell us!

Who do New Mexicans support for president?  Let’s find out!


— Pat and the ProgressNowNM team


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