4 awful things about Gov. Martinez’s Marco Rubio endorsement

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[UPDATE: The Democratic Governor’s Association released a statement about Gov. Martinez’s endorsement of Marco Rubio. Martinez is the Chair of the Republican Governor’s Association. Read the statement at the bottom of this post.]

Governor Susana Martinez is supporting second-tier Republican candidate Marco Rubio for the presidential nomination.

“I wholeheartedly trust Marco to keep us safe and ensure a better tomorrow,” said Martinez about the junior senator from Florida.

Yesterday news circulated on Martinez’s refusal to say anything one way or the other on Republican front runner Donald Trump when asked who she was going to endorse for the nomination.

I don't always endorse candidates

Rubio and Martinez share some interesting qualities, including trouble with keeping track of their political donations. Rubio was fined in 2010 during his senate run when he took over $210,000 in illegal campaign contributions. Similarly, Martinez and her administration are under investigation from the FBI because of questionable campaign contributions.

Rubio is also a climate-change skeptic, refusing to acknowledge human activity is responsible for rising global temperatures. Guess who else denies the undisputed scientific fact of anthropogenic climate change? Susana Martinez. From ThinkProgress:

“I’m not sure the science completely supports that,” is Governor Susana Martinez’s (R) view on climate change science. Responding to the New Mexico Independent in 2010, she revealed that she thinks the science of climate change is an “ideological debate.” While he is no longer serving, Martinez appointed a well-known climate denier to head the state’s Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department.

Here are some other ways our governor’s pick for leader of the free world has gone about “ensuring a better tomorrow” for his constituents:

  • Drill baby drill: Rubio and Martinez share a love for the fossil fuels and the money and influence that goes with it. Rubio has fully supported the Keystone pipeline and other non-renewable projects around the country.
  • Rubio opposes marriage equality: New Mexico helped blaze the trail for marriage equality in 2013 ahead of the Supreme Court’s decision last year, despite Governor Martinez. But Rubio has said that decision was the wrong one that he would fight to reverse.

To see a more complete list of Rubio’s (many) shortcomings, check out our friends from ProgressFlorida’s page:

 “Wrong Way Rubio”


UPDATE: The Democratic Governors Association issued the following statement on Republican Governor’s Association (RGA) Chair Susana Martinez’s endorsement of Marco Rubio for president (emphasis retained):

“Gov. Martinez’s endorsement of Marco Rubio is nothing more than a smokescreen to duck talking about Donald Trump,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “It is unprecedented in modern political history for a head of the RGA to refuse to back the Republican nominee. It’s time for Governor Martinez to finally answer reporters’ questions about whether she would support Donald Trump if he wins the nomination.”