National GOP’s new anti-abortion tactic targets New Mexico docs first

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CAP 2After finding zero evidence to support the false accusations against Planned Parenthood fueled by the highly edited and deceptive videos manufactured by an anti-abortion organization, Congressional Republicans are at it again.

Now these anti-abortion politicians have resorted to creating a McCarthy style Select Committee whose entire purpose seems to be to intimidate abortion providers and continue the violent rhetoric that has led to increased violence at abortion clinics across the country like the murders at the Planned Parenthood Clinic at Colorado Springs. (Read what the New York Times Editorial Board has to say to say about what they call a “Baseless Investigation” here.)

One of the first acts of this committee was to issue subpoenas demanding the names of doctors, medical students, and clinic personnel at two New Mexico clinics with no rules to protect them from public disclosure.

Our abortion providers and clinic staff go to work to provide care for their patients each day knowing that they have a target on their back. They drive past people shouting obscenities at them and are confronted with harassment from extremists who are more than willing to use intimidation in an attempt to stop them from providing this compassionate care. These unjustified subpoenas only put them in more danger.

It’s clear that Republicans are trying to use subpoenas to create a dangerous database of names of patients, doctors, medical students, and researchers involved in either abortion or fetal tissue research.

Thankfully UNM and Southwestern Women’s Options chose to prioritize the safety of their patients, staff, and medical students in the face of these bullying tactics and have refused to release names.

But just yesterday the panel announced that it would be issuing an additional 17 secret subpoenas in an attempt to add to their database and this time the committee’s Republican chair has refused to disclose who these subpoenas are going to and why.

This select committee is endangering the lives of providers, medical students, and researchers right here in New Mexico and distracting them from performing work that is critical to our communities.

This is just the newest in an attempt to end access to safe and legal abortion in our country and in New Mexico. If you are committed to standing up to bullies to protect abortion access sign up to be a part of our Reproductive Health Advocate Network today and receive the latest news about how you can help protect this right.

This is just the newest tactic in an attempt to end access to safe and legal abortion and it is directly focussed on New Mexico.

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