GOP Witch-Hunt Targets UNM Med Students & Staff

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The Select Committee to Attack Women’s Health is relentless in their witch-hunt to collect the names of UNM Health Sciences Center students and staff.

Just yesterday the committee they issued yet another round of subpoenas demanding the names redacted in documents provided by UNM to ensure the safety of their employees and students.

But even after issuing three rounds of subpoenas the anti-abortion committee chair, Rep. Marsha Blackburn, has refused to provide any rationale for why she needs to create a database of names of researchers, students, doctors, and personnel.  Now, they want to take their harassment to a whole new level by requiring UNM faculty to appear before them in an effort that will only further feed the anti-abortion extremist rhetoric that has inspired violence against abortion providers.

Can you imagine what could happen if the names of UNM’s professors and students end up in the hands of anti-abortion extremists?

Associations representing over 700 medical schools and universities have come together to call out the dangerous situation that this Select Committee has placed UNM students, researchers, and staff in.

In a letter sent to the committee yesterday in response to these subpoenas they question whether or not this fishing expedition falls into the scope of the panels supposed mission and why the committee refuses to provide safeguards for the names being sought after.

(Read the letter sent by the Association of American Medical Colleges, Association of American Medical Universities, and the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities sent to the Select Committee here.)

It’s clear that this panel purpose with investigating the valuable work that happens at UNM research facilities but was instead created to intimidate doctors, students, researchers, and patients from contributing to studies that are leading to medical advancements and improving healthcare. (Read more about how this research has led to important improvements in how doctors treat premature babies HERE.)

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