Crazy gets company: Steve Pearce “backing” Trump, if nominee

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Can’t say we didn’t see this coming.

New Mexico’s hardline conservative Congressman told the Associated Press today that he’ll support Donald Trump for President if Trump wins the GOP nod.

That’s no surprise really.  Trump and Pearce have a lot in common.

In 2013, Pearce spent $20,000 of taxpayer dollars on a single ticket to fly himself to Egypt.  Trump is a big fan of flying, too.  A recent news story noted that it costs $5,000 an hour to fly Trump’s huge personal 757. That works out to a little more than what Pearce spent, but Trump gets the whole plane to himself and we’d all pay a little more to avoid the crying kid kicking the back of our seat for four hours.

And, if Trump makes it to DC, they’ll be in similar company.  Steve Pearce has been included on the “richest members of Congress” list every year he served.   Trump, of course, brings his own wealth to DC, too.

What else do Trump and Pearce have in common?  We wondered so we checked a few issues and put together this short quiz.


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