Evangelicals support Pres. Obama’s new methane regs because abortion?

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Wait, what?

Last week the EPA issued new regulations to curb methane leakage from oil and natural gas wells. The resulting caps could help curb wasted gas to the tune of $40 million in New Mexico alone and help fight the huge methane cloud that looms over the Four Corners region.

Check out that story from the New Mexico Political Report here:

This is a good thing and lots of folks around the country are heralding this as a major progressive win. That’s why this article from a staunchly anti-choice group called the Evangelical Environmental Network caught me a little off guard.

We want children to be born healthy and unhindered by the ravages of pollution even before they take their first breadth.

The article praises the EPA and the president for taking steps to curb pollutants and help with the fight against human-caused climate change.

“Studies have shown that smog, VOCs, and air toxics (sic) have a disproportionate impact upon life in the womb. ”

Typos aside, the group’s article stated, “We also want the unborn and those yet to be born to have a world free of dangerous climate change.”


As a parent myself I can sympathize with the cause of creating a better world for my daughter to grow up in; it’s actually the driving factor behind me doing the kind of work I do. But part of that is also fighting daily to protect her right of bodily autonomy and access to whatever healthcare she might need, including abortion.

Access to clean air and water is a cause that no one should ever fight, although we see it nearly constantly in the battle between industries driven by profit and the public that must suffer the consequences of their misdeeds. But access to abortion, contraception, and other medical services are equally as challenged across the country and right here in New Mexico every day.

As the quote in the photo says, I wanted my child to be born healthy of course, but there’s a key thing in that statement that everyone should always remember. She was WANTED. Her mom and I were in a safe and stable place to bring a child into the world where she is loved and nurtured every day.

But every pregnancy is different. Every situation of every woman will always be different and it is up to her and her medical provider to come up with the best plan FOR HER moving forward. Access to medical care is unquestionably as important as access to clean air and water.

Fighting for one but against the other creates further conflict in causes that we should all be able to support. If this group and others like it were truly “pro-life” and not just anti-choice they would see that denying women access to abortion is about as life-denying as you can possibly get.

I’m encouraged to see at least part of a group that often is lumped into one large, science-denying category take a stand on this important issue. However, it’s extremely unfortunate that it comes at the cost of dehumanizing nearly half the population of the earth. That perspective has never come across as “pro-life” to me.