State’s largest progressive advocacy group endorses Pat Rogers for GOP Committeeman

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May 19, 2016

State’s largest progressive advocacy group endorses Pat Rogers for GOP Committeeman 

Albuquerque – Ahead of Saturday’s State Republican Party Convention, ProgressNow NM – New Mexico’s largest progressive advocacy organization – encourages Republicans to retain Pat Rogers as its National Committeeman.

Harvey Yates is challenging Rogers for the post representing New Mexico Republicans on the Republican National Committee.


ProgressNow NM’s Executive Director, Pat Davis, on the organization’s endorsement of Rogers:

If anyone represents the ineffectiveness and self-serving nature of Republican leadership in New Mexico better than Pat Rogers, we haven’t met them.



Pat Rogers

As committeeman, Rogers used private emails to arrange for the governor’s staff to attend fishing trips with his lobbying clients and “quiet” meetings between the governor’s chief-of-staff and another client with a multi-million dollar state contract. 

Saying he was helping Republican candidates for office, Rogers sued Sandoval County.  He later asked for $180,000 from taxpayers for the privilege.

The connections he attained as a professional Republican serve his private interests too, reminding voters that leaders of our Republican Party are putting their own prosperity ahead of the rest of us. 

And then there are his comments about the “poor Hispanic Dr. Pepper girl” and how meeting with Native Americans dishonored the legacy of notorious Indian-killer Gen. George Armstrong Custer.

Those comments were so offensive that he had to part ways with his leadership job in one of New Mexico’s largest and high-profile law firms – but not the Republican Party.

The Republican party’s embrace of its discriminatory undertones and outward abrasiveness towards women, minorities and the poor is helping to turnout more progressive voters every day.  Pat Rogers is the perfect man for that job.

We are certain that Donald Trump will be proud to meet Mr. Rogers.

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Pat Rogers’ private emails and public statements have shown New Mexicans the values New Mexico’s Republican Party values in its leaders.  We can think of no better candidate to represent New Mexico to the national party.

State Republicans convene on Saturday at the Sandia Resort outside of Albuquerque.


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