Silent Susana. Does Gov Martinez support Trump?

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Governor Susana Martinez has been outspoken in NOT supporting either of the Democratic presidential candidates still running for office. But now that Trump is the only candidate left from her party, why hasn’t she spoken about her stance on the Donald?

The Democratic Governors Association released a video today calling on Martinez to come clean on where she stands:

“For months, Gov. Susana Martinez has been ducking questions about supporting Donald Trump for president,” said  DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Will Martinez use Trump’s first public appearance in New Mexico to finally endorse his campaign? Or will she keep New Mexican voters in the dark while she continues her game of hide and seek?”

The governor did formally endorse Marco Rubio before he dropped from the race earlier this year. We covered the downsides of that endorsement although it ultimately proved fruitless to both Martinez and Rubio.

Trump has been outspoken calling to halt immigration and his call to “build a wall” have brought out the worst in many of his most xenophobic supporters. But Martinez has used some pretty vitriolic language about immigrant families herself in the past as we reported last year in this piece about the governor’s first term in office.

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