Trump now officially the head of the Republican Party

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That officially terrifies us!

Days after bringing his hate-filled rhetoric to the Land of Enchantment, Donald Trump again captured headlines today after gaining 1,238 delegates, one more than officially needed to become the Republican nominee for president. While there was little doubt he would gain the needed numbers, the boisterous Trump can now focus all his attention on the November general election, fundraising, and spewing more xenophobic tantrums to his growing fan base.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post ran a story today highlighting the split between Trump and other “establishment” Republicans, highlighting our own Governor Susana Martinez and her unwillingness to commit to the Trump circus. They mention Trump’s denouncement of Martinez while speaking in Albuquerque this week.

We’ve already covered both his denouncement of Martinez and her non-committal stance on the now presumptive nominee. Check out these stories by clicking on the links.


Everywhere Trump goes he seems to attract violence, much of it caused by his own supporters antagonizing peaceful protesters. Certainly his stance on immigration has been one of the most perverse issues, likening all Mexicans to “rapists” and “drug dealers.”

This kind of generalized bigotry has real consequences, as evidenced by this quote from the Los Angels Times story covering Wednesday’s Trump rally in Anaheim, a day after his appearance here in New Mexico:

“Two of the Trump backers repeatedly asked whether the protesters were ‘illegals.’ Asked why his group was questioning the demonstrators’ citizenship, Israel argued many of the demonstrators who incited violence in New Mexico on Tuesday night were probably in the country illegally.”

Wait, what? The mindset that those opposing Trump incited violence is 100% backwards. His presence, his thoughts, his words, and his beliefs incite violence. From the same LAT article:

“Earlier in the afternoon, a small crowd of Trump supporters who had been hurling racially charged remarks at a large group of demonstrators was escorted away ‘in the interest of public safety.'”

His supporters justify their own vitriol and violence through their unwavering and unquestioning support of a candidate who clearly knows no boundaries.

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