FIGHT BACK: Last-minute election shenanigans target progressive champions

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When we started ProgressNow four years ago we set out to build a new Progressive Majority for New Mexico.

We’ve been fighting the war of ideas with conservatives since day 1, and grassroots supporters have helped us build a list of online activists larger than any political party in New Mexico.  But fact-checking conservatives and advancing progressive ideas isn’t always enough.

Last year, we beat back Steve Pearce and his big oil Super PAC to elect progressive city councilors in Las Cruces.  That showed us – and New Mexico – that our power could extend beyond the petitions and email actions.

Albuquerque Journal, Nov. 4, 2015: “Political committees poured tens of thousands of dollars into the campaign, and the results could be viewed as a win for so-called progressives.
Candidates for City Council Districts 1 and 4 backed by Albuquerque-based ProgressNOW won their races, while candidates in those races backed by the conservative GOALWest committee lost.

This year, a new group of progressive champions are fighting back tough challenges  and negative ads in local races where voters often have little or no information before heading to the voting booth.

Here’s what we’ve seen happen in just the last week:

  • In Bernalillo County’s Commission race, Adrián Pedroza is under attack from a PAC paid for by Arizona developers who want commissioners to approve 40 new tax schemes for the Santolina development we don’t need and don’t have water for. A new mailer lies about his endorsements and records just to keep his voters at home.
  • State Rep. Christine Trujillo’s opponent was thrown in jail after he couldn’t follow court rules that put him on an ankle bracelet for stalking his own daughter.
  • And State Senator Mimi Stewart, long a champion for children, education and working wages, is under attack from a former-Republican who registered as a Democrat to get elected in the largely Democratic seat.
  • And teacher Debbie Saranaña’s opponent, appointed to the seat with unanimous support of Republican county commissions,  is now facing criticism for claiming an environmental endorsement she didn’t receive. 

In election season, campaigns save their craziest shenanigans for the end and no one fights shenanigans in New Mexico better than Progress Now.

More than half of voters already voted early, meaning the people who plan to vote on Tuesday are being bombarded with negative, misleading ads like these.

With just 24 hours to go until polls open, there is no other way to correct the record and put a positive, progressive champion before voters than rapid-response digital activism that only ProgressNow and our PAC can do.

If you are tired of suffering through bad candidates, now’s our chance to show the power of the progressive majority in New Mexico.

Donate to our Progressive Champions PAC NOW so we can correct the record and turn out progressive voters before polls close Tuesday night.

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