This new Donald Trump-Susana Martinez ad is blowing up the internet

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Even the top Republican knows Gov. Martinez is failing New Mexico

As New Mexicans head to the polls today there is something we all need to keep in mind: Governor Susana Martinez is not doing her job.

That’s the message today from the Democratic Governors Association who released a new video with that message being made profoundly clear.

Courtesy: Democratic Governor’s Association.

Of course we never hear much from the governor herself these days. Her high-priced communications team has increasingly kept her out of the limelight since her pizza party debacle late last year.

In the press release it’s clear that while no one at the DGA thinks Trump has much redeemable to say, when it comes to New Mexico’s governor, he was right on the money.

“Donald Trump got this one right: Susana Martinez is not doing the job,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “While Governor Martinez seeks the national spotlight, her leadership in New Mexico has been a disaster. Governor Martinez will have to answer for her record of making New Mexico 47th in business, 50th in job growth and 49th in quality of education. It’s no wonder that Governor Martinez would prefer to talk about anything but her record in New Mexico.”

Last month, after Trump’s stopover in Albuquerque, the DGA released a video calling out the governor for her silence on the matter of whether or not she supported Trump as the nominee for her party. You can read up on that story here.


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Since 2011, we’ve been fact-checking and calling out the misguided and misdirected agenda of the Martinez administration.

That’s why the Santa Fe New Mexican called ProgressNow “one of Martinez’s most relentless” and “harshest critics.”

AND that’s also why Tea Party bloggers voted named ProgressNow and our executive director two of the 13 best organized opponents to the Martinez/McCleskey/Tea Party agenda in New Mexico.

Now, even Donald Trump is following our lead! (OK, not really, but we don’t agree with Trump ever so any time Trump and Progressives agree we have to point it out!)

What is ProgressNow New Mexico?  It’s the voice of the new progressive majority for New Mexico and we’ve built a network of websites, action platforms and digital media networks larger than New Mexico has ever seen.

Are you in?

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