#Enough. Here’s how ABQ is responding to mass-LGBT shootings in #Orlando

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Saturday marked 40 years for Albuquerque’s Pride Parade and the turning of another decade of progress for equality in our country.

But, less than two years after the historic Supreme Court decision recognizing the right to marry across the country, religious and political extremists are finding expanding support for their hatespeech rhetoric targeting the LGBTQ community.

As New Mexicans woke up this morning ready to bring to a close the final day of Pride Week, we woke up to news of the largest mass shooting in American history: a 3-hour “terrorist style” shooting of partiers at one of Orlando’s largest LGBTQ clubs which has also served as a resource center and political organizing point for pro-equality advocates in that Florida community.

As investigators sort through the shooter’s past, what is clear is this:

  • The shooter’s family says he held a particular disdain for same sex couples
  • The shooter allegedly claimed some allegiance to ISIS extremist



Albuquerque is coming together to honor the victims and demand action in response to the mass shooting targeting LGBTQ residents and supporters in Orlando.

Several groups are posting different social media events and posts pushing everyone to a united community event tonight in ABQ.
Join community members, neighbors and groups including

  • ProgressNowNM,
  • Equality NM,
  • Moms Demand Action NM,
  • UNM LGBTQ Transgender Resource Center,
  • and more

for a vigil in Morningside Park tonight at 7:30 pm

Sunday June 12
Morningside Park, Nob Hill
200 Morningside Dr SE, ABQ, NM 87106
Morningside and Lead

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