Mike Who? 3 reasons NM voters will never want to have a beer with Trump’s veep

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It takes a pretty special person to be Donald Trump’s… well, anything. 

Most candidates pick a running mate for the voters they can bring out to the polls.

So who is Mike Pence? Why are politicos calling him Trump’s least worst choice and who in New Mexico would actually vote for him?

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Don’t know Mike Pence? Don’t worry, we follow right-wing politics so you don’t have to.

Here’s a quick primer on the country’s most anti-gay, anti-woman governor who just became Donald Trump’s get out the vote plan:


Climate Denier


Just like our own Steve Pearce, Pence is convinced that climate change is a big ‘ol liberal conspiracy.
“I don’t know that that is a resolved issue in science today,” he told “Meet the Press” in February 2014.

That’s ridiculous, I’ll give $20 to beat that at the ballot

The most anti-gay governor in America


We bet Nora Espinoza is furious. She’s been trying to pass laws legalizing discrimination against LGBTQ neighbors at least as long as Pence, but she didn’t even get an honorable mention on Trump’s short list.

Even in the face of a furious national backlash, with major companies, celebrities, and government leaders condemning the measure for potentially encouraging discrimination against LGBT Hoosiers, Gov. Mike Pence signed the state’s “Religious Freedom” bill allowing open discrimination against the LGBTQ community in Indiana.

This cannot be the new norm in America. Here’s my donation to educate New Mexico voters before Election Day.

Almost the most anti-woman governor in America


If Nate Gentry’s Republican members had Mike Pence as governor, their bills allowing the cashier at Walgreens to deny a woman birth control and to prosecute women seeking abortions for “destruction of evidence” would already be law in New Mexico. 

As Indiana’s governor, he signed a “kitchen sink” abortion bill a federal judge later called “exceptional for its breadth.”

We are not letting these people be in charge.


Oh! And he made up a fake news outlet to create positive news about his accomplishments as governor.  Can you imagine what that might look like for a Trump/Pence presidency?


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This year Republicans are counting on pushing an anti-gay, anti-woman agenda to win these elections and we WILL NOT let that happen in New Mexico. 

Here in New Mexico, Republican Speaker Don Tripp said he’ll vote for his party’s nominee, even if it is Trump.  Albuquerque City Councilor and (almost announced) Republican candidate for Albuquerque Mayor Dan Lewis stood right behind Trump at his recent Albuquerque rally. And more than three-dozen New Mexican Republican donors have donated to both Trump and state Republicans pushing the same agenda.

They have a plan, but so do we.

ProgressNow is the largest network of progressive voters in New Mexico and we need each and every one to turnout so these crazy people and crazy ideas never take hold in New Mexico.  

Help us send a message to Donald Trump, Mike Pence and Nate Gentry by chipping in $10, $20 or $50 today to register and turn out new voters against this crazy.

–Pat, Alex, Lucas


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