Action Alert: Graphic anti-abortion mailer targets progressive legislators (again)

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  • Is anti-choice group Protest Albuquerque about to break the law… again?

This week the denounced anti-choice group ‘Protest Albuquerque’ announced plans to send out more mailers depicting gruesome images and targeting what they call “religious pro-abortion Catholic Democrats.” In this round of mailers they say they will be targeting voters starting with homes in the districts of progressive champions State Senators Jerry Ortiz y Pino and Jacob Candelaria.

Previously the group sent mailers just before New Mexico’s primary election day on June 7 into districts targeting Michael Sanchez, Bill O’Neill, and Daniel Ivey-Soto.

All three have general election opponents.

Protest Albuquerque has been in hot water over their mailer tactics before. In last year’s Albuquerque city council races the group sent mailers out against progressive Democrat Pat Davis (who happens to also be ProgressNow’s executive director), as well as driving a truck with disturbing images plastered all over it through the neighborhoods of progressive candidates. For that action they were found guilty of breaking city election rules and were fined $1,000.

It is worth noting that the images that this group, and others like it, purport to be images of aborted fetuses are often photoshopped or all together created from images of stillbirths and other non-abortion related material. That does not make the pictures any less pleasant to look at and it begs the question, why is this group allowed to terrorize families opening their daily mail with such terrible imaginary?

Below is the image being included in the mailer to the two senate districts. It is graphic.


Even the governor’s high profile campaign manager doesn’t like these people! In 2014 Protest Albuquerque held a vigil in front of Jay McCleskey home in Albuquerque and at some point he reportedly called the protesters “pieces of shit” for their tactics and their calling for Governor Susanna Martinez to resign.

On their website Protest Albuquerque says that “The citizens of New Mexico deserve to know that their elected officials are ‘putting politics before Jesus and his babies and this is a form of idolatry!'” which a an often quoted piece of rhetoric from Friar Stephen Imbarratu of Priests for Life. It is our opinion that the good friar and his followers deserve to know that the Constitution of the United States provides for a separation of church and state, and so we applaud any elected official who put policy before their personal religious faiths.

In the same way that these people of faith would be negatively impacted should some piece of legislation ever discriminate against their practice of their faith, their call to limit the availability of healthcare to the women of New Mexico is clearly misguided and would negatively impact thousands of families across the state. One of the greatest things about New Mexico is that we respect women and trust that they can and do make the best decisions for them and their families when they are provided every option available to them.

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These mailers are designed to disgust voters and keep them away from the polls – that’s how the conservative minority wins.

Previous mailings like this went to at least 1,000 households per district, and this one looks similar.

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