[Read] NEW: Polls now forecast Trump victory

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Late this afternoon, 2014’s most accurate pollster just released his first post-convention forecast. 


Spoiler alert: Donald Trump has a 55% chance of becoming President if the election were held today.

Trump forecasted to win

In New Mexico, Republicans only need to turnout 16,000 more voters (just 0.001% of registered voters) to replicate 2014 putting Nora Espinoza in the Secretary of State’s Office (like Dianna Duran) and hang onto control of the State House; and they are raising record donations from private prison companies, big oil companies and an army of payday loan lobbyists to get it done.


Republicans see Trump’s scare message – riding the coattails of Gov.  Martinez’s anti-immigrant policies and Nora Espinoza’s “free to discriminate against gays” bills – as the way to turn out the anti-immigrant, anti-gay, anti-choice minority in strong enough numbers to win.


We cannot let them create a President Trump and Secretary Espinoza.


We were holding back on releasing this data until later this year, but this new forecast has us concerned so we’ll tell you now: Since 2014, we’ve added more than 10,000 new progressive voters to our emails and digital media targets.  Now -like you – they are getting messages like this telling them why we need their vote in 2016.

That’s a whole new progressive majority we can turn out
 to give the House back to progressives and stop a President Trump. 

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