Bryan Cranston surprises NM delegation at DNC

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Bryan Cranston surprised the New Mexico delegation with a visit last night at The Democratic National Convention. Juan Sanchez, Vice-Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico, took a selfie with Cranston — a local hero who played “Walter White” in the iconic series Breaking Bad.


President Obama’s DNC intro video premiered last night, which Cranston narrated.


Cranston also authored “Black Voters Are Being Silenced at the Polls” yesterday for TIME.

He states:

“We must not stand by as some Americans lose the hard-won civil right to vote. We must raise our collective voice to make certain that everyone has a say in our democracy. That’s the America that President Johnson envisioned when he signed the Voting Rights Act into law, and it’s the America we’re fighting for now.”


Photo courtesy of Juan Sanchez