Rep. Paul Pacheco defends his public pork problem; You won’t believe his excuse

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Did State Rep. Paul Pacheco break the law?  That’s the question KRQE’s reporters and anchors asked Monday after we shared our investigation with them and the Attorney General.

KRQE-TV‘s Gabrielle Burkhart previewed the allegations and complaint in their lead story Monday night.

You won’t believe Rep. Pacheco’s response:

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – New Mexico state representative Paul Pacheco is accused of using his position to get funding for a project that his brother benefited from…

“All of the public money they needed to make this happen came in one scoop from one legislator in one session,” Davis added.

ProgressNow New Mexico is now asking the Attorney General’s Office to investigate Pacheco’s role in securing taxpayer money for the project.

The complaint filed Monday claims Pacheco requested more than $1.2 million in capital outlay funds, and ultimately secured roughly $230,000 in state funds for the project managed by his brother, David Pacheco, who happened to be the architect.

“All that happened without any of the disclosures that seem to be required by state law, and that’s a big flag,” Davis explained. “The law says if you have this relationship, you can still give them the money, but you have to go through this extra level of public scrutiny.”

Pacheco wants voters to believe that he never knew his brother was working – for years – to build a huge new charter school down the street from Pacheco’s home. Do you believe the “what are you doing now?” conversation never happened at family dinners, holiday get-togethers or weekend drop ins over all of those years?

Don’t take our word for it.  See the facts and documents we filed with the Attorney General and judge for yourself.

Read our full report, the supporting documents exposing the relationship between Paul and David Pacheco and our full complaint to the Attorney General.