Just in: Steve Pearce backs Trump’s attacks on Muslim soldier, parents

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While Republicans nationwide are scrambling to distance themselves from Donald Trump’s unapologetic attack on the parents of a hero American soldier who died in service of our country, New Mexico’s own Congressman Steve Pearce doesn’t just approve of Trump’s statements, he implies that he would say the same thing.


Read the full story at the New Mexico Political Report.


New Mexicans who follow ProgressNow already knew that Steve Pearce was going full-on Trump in 2016.

Even before Trump was the nominee, we were profiling the cozy relationship between Steve Pearce and Donald Trump.  As the Congressman representing one of the most Hispanic district’s in the country, everyone is watching to see how Pearce’s embrace of Trump’s anti-Latino agenda will play out in November.

And, if Trump makes it to DC, they’ll be in similar company.  Steve Pearce has been included on the“richest members of Congress” list every year he served.

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