Petition: Gov Martinez, legislature, don’t create a new death penalty for NM

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In 2009, New Mexico’s legislature and Gov. Richardson repealed New Mexico’s death penalty, replacing it with new laws providing for strict life in prison sentencing and restitution for survivors and victims of our most serious violent crimes.

At the time, that bold move received international praise, including an invitation for the governor, legislators and advocates who led the repeal effort to visit with him at the Vatican.

Fast forward to 2016 and Governor Martinez -term-limited and facing a sustaining level of public support (less than 50% of New Mexicans have approved of her job performance in poll after poll for all of 2016) – has a new proposal to mark her legacy in office: a return of the death penalty.

According to recent polls, the public is split on the issue (mostly along party lines) but those involved in the business of peace and justice are firmly against it and it’s time we send a message.

“This repeal of the death penalty was a milestone, moving New Mexico from a culture of violence to a culture of peace, justice, and love,” New Mexico’s Catholic Bishops said in a united statement last month.

Before the legislature convenes to hear this proposal, we need to show our legislators that we still stand behind strict sentencing that doesn’t involve the state in the business of death.

Sign the petition and it will be emailed directly to the emails of Gov. Martinez and every state legislator.