Clash of the Titans: Debate Watch at Tractor Brewery Wells Park MONDAY

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Join ProgressNow New Mexico as we watch the candidates verbally duke it out in their first of three, Presidential debates. Expect a lively evening at Tractor Brewing Company in Wells Park during our DEBATE WATCH PARTY, Monday, September 26, 2016, at 6PM. Admission is free. (However, donations to ProgressNow are welcome.) Over the years, hundreds of progressives have packed our watch parties to enjoy the chance to yell at the TV, cheer for their candidate, and tonight will be no exception. Show up and have a beer, purchase a savory meal from the Spork the World Food Truck and get some progressive swag.

As part of the pre-show merriment, local podcasters, Ty and Mike of CITY ON THE EDGE share a few brief yarns, including a bizarre story from New Mexico’s political past, featuring free love, murder, a third-partcity_podcasty candidate for governor and the reincarnation of US Grant’s horse. Visit the City on the Edge Podcast on Soundcloud to catch up with this great podcast. Please mark your calendars, and don’t miss a progressive evening with us that is bound to be an historical (and probably hilarious) night.






Monday, September 26, 2016, at 6PM.

@Tractor Brewing, Wells Park

Admission is Free. Donations welcome.

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