Special Session Report: Governor vetoes home child-abuse identification and interventions through home-visiting program

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With over 145,000 hungry children in New Mexico, and shocking and saddening news reports about the lack of safety that our children are receiving at the hands of caretakers legislators set out for the recent Special Legislative session with a mission to implement solutions.

Omaree Varela, Victoria Martens and countless others who have died or been severely injured at the hands of their loved ones, and those close to them, begged them to.

But after all the press conferences and TV ads went away, Governor Martinez quietly vetoed one of the most promising of those programs: a $1.5 million amendment for home-visitation for new parents, one of the best tools available for the identification of warning signs and early prevention of child abuse

We are 49th in the country for child well being so the program’s sponsor, State Representative Javier Martinez, took particular offense on social media to the elimination of the appropriation that could exponentially improve the safety for our state’s children.

As if that isn’t sad enough, quite possibly the most troubling part of it all, is that the amendment was one that received unanimous support from all members of the legislature. It is yet another sign that the petty politics of the Martinez administration, continue to put politics before progress.

New Mexico deserves answers and progress. Our children should serve as more than just another campaign ad.

They shouldn’t just be fuel to add to the fire in a political plot like the push for for a return of the death penalty. The question begging to be asked is when is enough, enough?

@Gov_Martinez line item vetoed my $1.5 Million amendment for home visitation-the best child abuse prevention tool…

Posted by Javier Martínez on Wednesday, October 19, 2016