A “Frack-tion” of the Conversation: NM Rapper Def-i Releases Video About Fracking

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When one thinks of the context of the next twenty years, and the future of people and land in the Southwest region, it is likely that that person thinks about the advancement of: people, communities, access to resources, and ensuring the safety of youth as they approach adulthood, and access to said resources for generations to come. When talking about resources, sure, gas and oil might come to mind, but staples for life and livelihood ought to strike a more urgent cord – things like: water, should top that list. Although “list toppers,” in regards to topics might change depending on whom you ask. Ask the Bureau of Land Management about the next twenty years and the Southwest region, and their “plan” is sure to include fracking on land throughout the Northwest and Four Corners areas.

In fact, more than 38 million acres have been designated and identified for BLM use, only 57% of which is currently being used for drilling, but plans exist that would allow for use of other designated areas, over time. Plans that intend to move forward on the establishment of fracking sites on the premises of what are considered to be sacred sites all over the region, some of which have more than 5,000 years of history to them.

All that being said, we looked to concerned citizens for a response. Artists in New Mexico are certainly in tune with issues of politics, increasingly so, when politics clash with culture, and cultural practices and tradition are brought into the conversation. We sat down recently with local rapper and artist, “Def-i.” Def-i is a local MC, producer, and beat maker. In his spare time he works with youth around New Mexico and the Southwest, encouraging creative expression. A musician/rapper for over 16 years, he is currently involved in a number of projects, both solo, and as part of group collaborations.

One of Def-i’s most notable accomplishments of late is the release of his newest music video. The video and lyrical content, confront the fracking, its outcomes, the politics in communities that this conversation exists in, and the artist’s personal response. We asked him “why?” Def-i said, “I decided to confront hydraulic fracturing as a topic of my songs ever since oil& gas companies were creating frack zones on my reservation and near some of our sacred sites.”

Here at ProgressNow NM, we feel a responsibility to say ‘thank you,’ to artists like Def-i; we have a responsibility to recognize artists, and community members who are speaking out in the direction of the change they want to see in our world. We urge you to watch the video, engage in the conversation, and decide just how you feel about a fracking site, coming to a sacred site, somewhere near you….

Ways to find Def-i:
Instagram & Twitter handle: @Def_i.
Facebook domain: Facebook.com/defrapperA