2016’s elections proved that New Mexico voters are smarter than the rest of the country.

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Last night, New Mexico voters proved that they are smarter than the rest of the country.

From President to State House, New Mexico voters overwhelmingly rejected the anti-immigrant, “lock ‘em up” corporate agenda of the new Republican Party and ushered progressive leadership into office to carry our state forward. Winning for progressives on a night like that – when other states saw huge setbacks – wasn’t by accident.


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I’m already getting emails this morning from friends in Washington, DC and around the country asking what New Mexico did differently. Here’s what I told them:

After the 2010 Tea Party takeover that ushered in Susana Martinez and Dianna Duran, we built a new infrastructure for progressive wins and that included PROGRESSNOWNM – a year-round balance to conservative think-tanks, corporate agendas and a hub for progressive advocacy statewide.

We partnered with progressives leaders to recruit and train new candidates for State House.  We built a huge network of email, online and social media followers and engaged them in issues year-round so they stay connected.

And we never give conservatives a single inch when it comes to exposing the money and agendas behind some of their worst ideas.

This election, we didn’t run big flashy ads. Instead, we built local programs to engage voters district-by-district in 12 battleground districts where we knew progressives could make a difference. And here’s the result.


Those champions we just elected need us to stick around to help them put their agenda into action.  We’re definitely sticking around to do that!

And in 2018, Progressive Champions like Sen. Martin Heinrich will need our help to fend off challengers (maybe Susana?) and we’ll (finally) elect a new governor.

ProgressNowNM is effective because we empower supporters to take action for change they want to see so we’re giving you the chance to tell us what you think we should do next.

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