Here’s how ABQ Journal readers are reacting to a Trump election

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The day after Donald Trump won the presidential election, the Albuquerque Journal launched an editorial calling for “action” against “illegal immigrants.”  That’s not a surprise to Journal readers who also had a few things to say about the election that shocked the world.

A quick hat tip to our own reader Charlotte Lipson of Las Cruces who flagged these letters, along with her own providing some balance to the populist analysis.

Here are a few excerpts from letters to the Journal this week:

Election results deserve acceptance
AMERICA, THE land of the free and the home of the brave; a place where we can rest easy knowing that our constitutional rights are protected by a strong military and great leaders.
If you’ve read your history books, you have learned that these freedoms didn’t come easy. People lost their lives for our right to vote and our right to free speech and all other rights that we are entitled to as Americans. We should never take those freedoms and lives for granted.
Unfortunately, the day after Election Day left me with an uneasy feeling, because so many are condemning those who voted for our new president-elect.
There are riots, rumors, lies and hatred against those of us who stand proud that our liberties will be protected, simply because of a bias against a man who is outspoken and sometimes viewed as inappropriate.
Is this really the world we live in today? When we are uncomfortable, we throw fits and do everything possible to make others feel uncomfortable? What happened to the days when we weren’t sore losers and could congratulate the opposing team or try to step in and make a difference? Those days are long gone.
I felt free Wednesday morning when I saw the results, but that same night I felt sad. I felt sad for the multitude of human beings who cannot be happy that their fellow Americans accomplished their civic duty and voted. Sad that people are so comfortable in their own lives that they cannot step out and see that not everyone thinks or lives like they do.
Everyone wants acceptance for everything, but no one wants to accept. I hope that one day we can be accepting and loving toward each other as Americans and allow each other to exercise our rights without repercussion. No more riots, no more hatred, no more burning the flag of our nation. More kindness and gentleness towards the other amazing citizens we share this great country with, because that’s how this country was founded and that’s why my father served in the Navy for 20 years.
Thank you to every veteran who served so that I could write this and share it.

Trump victory great news for country
A TRUMP VICTORY is great news for our country. It is however very sad to see that New Mexico once again goes for all the losers.
New Mexico will continue to be first in everything that’s bad and dead last in everything that is good. With all the Dems that were once again elected to office, New Mexico education will stay at 49th or 50th and teachers’ pay will stay at 48th. With that kind of pay, the good teachers pass on New Mexico.
The only good news within the state is that the voters dumped Michael Sanchez from the Senate, though at the same time elected the worst person possible as secretary of state.
We have a “lame duck” governor whose political career within the Republican party is over. We will never support her again. Maybe she will run for president in the Libertarian Party in 2020.
The good news is that Hillary’s political career is over for good, and hopefully she will spend time in prison.
Yea! Trump!

Appalling results show vote ‘rigged’
FOR MONTHS, Donald Trump has been whining and protesting that the presidential election was “rigged.” At long last, after the appalling events of Nov. 8th, I finally agree with Donald on something!
He must be right. For the majority of the American voters to have honestly and legitimately elected this pompous, obnoxious buffoon, the election results had to have been rigged in his favor!
I demand a recount, Donald, in order to settle this issue of “rigging” once and for all.
Really, American voters … really?

Professors, media ‘reap the whirlwind’
PROFESSORS OF the left-wing university and educational establishment, late night pundits, Hollywood sycophants, journalists of TV and all other forms of media: You have shown the most biased and crude forms of propaganda through omission of news, dissemination of half-truths and outright lies.
Your crude and obvious protection of one candidate over the other in the furtherance of your political proclivities and desires has been dishonorable, dangerous and smacks of the most dangerous kind of subversive rhetoric.
Your news was nothing more than a campaign within a campaign. You have done your nation a grave disservice and have aided and abetted in the undermining of the Constitution.
You have sown the wind, now reap the whirlwind.

Democratic party to blame for Trump
PRESIDENT TRUMP. There it is, and there it will be, printed in our nation’s history books, forever. If you are upset with this result, don’t blame the Republican Party. Don’t blame the voters. The responsibility for this travesty falls squarely on the shoulders of the Democratic Party elites.
The Democratic Party handed the keys to the White House to Trump the day it crowned Hillary Clinton its nominee. Hillary Clinton, one of the most reviled political figures in the history of our nation – whether warranted or not is irrelevant – somehow appeared to be a good choice to run for President, or at least to the Democratic Party elites she did, notwithstanding the will of the electorate, who summarily rejected her in the Democratic primaries in favor of a senator who was virtually unknown just two years ago.
So thank you Debbie Wassermann Schultz, all you superdelegates and Democratic Party elites for overruling the will of the Democratic Party electorate. Thank you for propping up the one candidate who could actually lose this cakewalk of an election. You stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders, and thanks to you, President Trump will waltz into the White House on Jan. 20. Congratulations, it’s gonna be huuuge.
Now, the burden of protecting those caught in the wide net cast by Donald Trump’s blatant racism, sexism and xenophobia falls on us. We must all get involved to protect and defend those who will find themselves without a voice in the White House and in Congress on Jan. 20, and soon thereafter, the Supreme Court. This nation has come too far in its history in guaranteeing the rights of all its people to let one megalomaniac throw it away.
We, the people, have to stand between the powerful and the powerless. While Hillary Clinton could not energize the nation, the words “President Trump” sure as hell should.

Trump agenda will devastate country
IT DOESN’T TAKE a genius to figure out what will happen in the Trump administration.
He isn’t going to build a wall. That was an empty campaign promise. No way is Congress going to authorize the billions required.
Not one job that has gone overseas is ever going to come back. Another empty promise.
We can kiss Ukraine goodbye. Vladimir Putin will quickly move Soviet, oh, excuse me, Russian troops to take over that country. Trump doesn’t have the backbone to stand up to him.
Trump has no clue how to defeat ISIS, but trust him, he knows more than the generals. Get ready to send your sons and daughters to war, parents. Syria is Arabic for Vietnam.
There will be deep cuts in Medicare, Medicaid and other social programs. The national parks and forests, already underfunded, will suffer further cuts. National park fees will increase, and forest fires will increase. Amtrak will be put on the chopping block. Goodbye rail passenger service in New Mexico.
Poverty and crime will increase, as will gun violence. But look on the bright side, that means more jobs in gun manufacturing and sales!

Disbelief over Trump victory priceless
Trump Winning – $1,000,000.
Lib/left “In-the-tank-for-Hillary” in stunned disbelief – Priceless!

Silent majority has spoken by ballot
APRES ELECTION it’s great to see all the pollsters, pundits, talking heads and Hollywood liberals eating crow and packing bags for Canada. Let’s see if they keep their promise. Hope so.
It is great to see that the Clinton criminal enterprise will no longer flourish with Hillary in the catbird seat. It is great to see the “deplorables” and the American “rabble” led by “uneducated” white males bring about a much needed change of direction to Mother Ship America.
Of all the campaign promises made by Trump that probably will not happen, I sincerely hope he digs in and exposes and takes down the Clinton Foundation and its related hypocrisy and criminality. Appointment of an unbiased special prosecutor to better pursue and clarify the Hillary email fiasco would also be apropos.
The silent majority has spoken and voted and the emperor – Obama – will soon be a historical footnote. He will writhe in pain as President Trump dismantles most of his ill-advised executive orders and sends Obamacare to the scrap heap of “never should have happened” legislation.
Stay tuned. Buckle your seat belt.

Bankrupt Dems lost on economics
WHY DID CLINTON lose the presidential election? Because when it comes to economic policy, the Democratic Party is bankrupt.
The party has become a coalition of gender, racial-ethnic, environmental, etc., groups — all of which I support. The party hoped that by doing this, the American people would not notice that they had cozied up to corporate America.
The Democratic establishment supported deregulation, unfair trade deals and didn’t go after those who brought the economy to its knees in 2008.
Well, the people knew that Hillary Clinton epitomized this wing of the Democratic Party and that is why she lost.
The party establishment colluded to nominate the one candidate that could lose to Donald Trump. This left the door wide open for a demagogue like Trump to seize the presidency.
It is time for Democratic Party to wake up and feature the core economic message put forward by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. That is what the Democratic Party used to stand for.
In order to do that we need to clear out the leadership of the Democratic National Committee and send them into exile.
Rio Rancho

Election shows Trump was wrong
IN THE MONTH prior to his unfortunate election, Donald Trump spoke constantly of the upcoming “rigged” election. It was intended to be his ready excuse for his widely anticipated defeat.
Instead, the election proved that his objection was just another of his series of false accusations and misrepresentations. The election went nearly flawlessly with no notable instance of being anything but an honest and fair democratic process.
I will never understand how a population, no matter how concerned about gridlock in Washington, D.C., could vote in such a morally objectionable person as Trump. Unless he makes a 180 degree turn in his behavior, he will never be my president.

Watch Trump, GOP gut entitlements
A PSYCHOTIC fascist is the President-elect. What could possibly go wrong?
On the bright side:
1) New Mexicans had more sense than to elect the know-nothing crackpot and we took back the New Mexico House and made Gov. Susana Martinez a lame duck,
2) By the time of the 2018 mid-term elections, the dangers of DJT and his Republican cohorts in the U.S. Congress will be glaringly apparent and we’ll have a chance to throw the bums out of the House and the eight Republican senators up for re-election, out of the Senate.
Watch for the new Congress to try to privatize and cut Social Security and other “entitlements” (other than its own of course), to eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood, to cut taxes for the 1 percent and big corporations, to eliminate the Affordable Care Act and affordable care, to cut funding for public schools, to gut environmental regulations and give carte blanche to fossil fuel industries, to legalize voter suppression, to rubber stamp a right wing radical for the Supreme Court and more, much more.
Las Cruces

Political correctness to change course?
MAYBE NOW the societal descent into the dark inferno of political correctness will begin to reverse itself.

Children deserve a better society
I DON’T WANT MY niece to grow up in a country where the president encourages ignorance and sexism. I want her to know that her worth isn’t measured by her physical appearance.
I want her to live in a society that won’t judge her by her skin color or the language she speaks. Where she can safely say, “I am Mexican,” “I am African-American,” “I am Muslim and an American,” and say “I am a woman and I am the future.” Because the future belongs to her and she should damn well be able to live it.

Those leaving can head south or north
FOR THOSE OF YOU who said you would leave the U.S. if Donald Trump won, here’s some help: Heading north, you will reach Canada, south, you will reach Mexico, east or west, you will hit water.
Good luck and enjoy your life. I will continue to stay here in “flyover country” with my calloused hands, worn out shoes and dirty jeans – and continue to help make America great.
Rio Rancho


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