This holiday season, give the gift that fights Donald Trump

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As this crazy year comes to a close, I asked our staff to look back at all the work we’ve all accomplished together to build a new progressive majority for New Mexico.  While most other states are licking their wounds and trying to figure out what they did wrong, we have a lot to be proud of.

I get to see it up close every day, but even I was surprised to see it in one place.

Once I saw what you had done through ProgressNowNM I knew you’d want to see too.

We aren’t just building a new voice for the progressive movement – you ARE the voice of our movement and I have the data to prove it.


When someone asks me people don’t care about politics anymore, I show them the data on ProgressNow‘s engagement in 2016 that made our victories possible:

It’s not that New Mexicans don’t care about politics – they just don’t care for the politics we have.

Our supporters, readers and social media followers have created an online community larger than any political party in New Mexico and you’ve put that power to use to demand the change you want.

In just one year, our supporters made their voice heard thousands of times in the halls of Congress, the Roundhouse and local city councils statewide.  And you invited tens-of-thousands of voters to join in the ballot box voting for progress.

Over the years we’ve been called “Gov. Martinez’s harshest critic” and a favorite target for the conservative fake news trolls; but you know that’s not all we’re about.

We’re building a new community of progressive voters who stand up for our values and put our skills to work not just saying ‘no,’ but also providing better ideas and better leaders to implement them.

With Donald Trump in the White House and Susana Martinez still in the Roundhouse, 2017 will be our biggest test yet.  We think we’re ready and you deserve a big thank you for being a part of this movement.


– Pat, Alex, Lucas, Carlos & Marya
Team ProgressNowNM


With Donald Trump in the White House and Susana Martinez still in the Roundhouse, New Mexico has never needed progressive activism more.

This holiday season, you can help some of New Mexico’s most effective community advocates gear up for the fight.  For every donation to our 501C3 ProgressNow Education Fund through the end of 2016, we’ll divide it up:

  • ProgressNowNM C3 to track and report on the impact of Trump on New Mexico
  • Planned Parenthood NM to fight attacks on women and healthcare rights
  • The Wilderness Society to help organize support to defend our public lands
  • The Southwest Organizing Project (SWOP) organizing communities of color across NM
  • The NM Dream Team, organizing immigrant families to prepare and respond in an age of Trump

Your donation to ProgressNowNM’s 501C3 Education Fund is tax-deductible