2017-Progressive Action Summit

With Donald Trump in the White House and Susana Martinez in the Roundhouse, New Mexico has never needed progressive power more!

  • What do we do to fight back?
  • What does our progressive leadership in the State House and Senate need to implement a progressive agenda?
  • Who are our new progressive champions and how do we elect more?

The NM Progressive Summit is for anyone with an interest in progressive politics—bloggers, organizers, social justice advocates, union workers, organizational leaders, college organizers and activists from across New Mexico.

Our state and country are at a critical juncture, and the decisions we make in the near future will have lasting implications for the legacy we leave behind us. Whether it’s advancing pro-active legislation at the state and federal level, guarding against conservative rhetoric, or challenging corporate political corruption of our legislative and electoral process – the 2016 NM Progressive Summit will confront the diverging paths forward and what we can do.

This one day, fast-paced summit puts progressive organizations in front of progressive voters to build new movements for progressive change.

Lunch included. Free parking.

Join us as we celebrate New Mexico’s progressive champions and get ready to help them implement a progressive agenda to move NM forward.

Elected leaders. Issue advocates. Progressive Voters.  One day. One place. One movement.