Support this! “Cannabis Revenue and Freedom Act” just filed in NM

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  • New progressive majority poised to legalize pot
  • Bill expected to be heard in committees
  • Support needed to bolster passage

Last week Representatives Bill McCamley and Javier Martinez introduced House Bill 89, the Cannabis Revenue and Freedom Act, that would make marijuana available for recreational use in New Mexico. With the overwhelming evidence that states with legal pot can create new and lucrative revenue streams for public works, HB 89 is a win-win for New Mexico.

With one-fifth of states now allowing adults to use marijuana recreational, New Mexico stands to benefit from the revenues of legal pot sales. And considering the budget crunch facing the Land of Enchantment, we simply can’t afford to not consider all options. Couple that with increased support from around the state, New Mexicans are ready and supportive of such legislation.

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Last week we covered¬†McCamley’s press conference in Las Cruces. You can see the entire video of that by clicking here.

We know that the governor has stated in the past that she would veto any legislation aimed at legalizing marijuana, and last year there were even some democrats who voted against the¬†similar legislation. But with two polls showing massive support for legalization efforts AND control of the House being back in the hands of good progressive Dems, NOW IS THE TIME. Let’s show our support for HB 89 and let our lawmakers know that we support legalizing recreational marijuana for all the right reasons.