Update: Carlsbad Councilor adds N-word to “right to be slapped” Facebook insults

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Embattled Carlsbad City Councilor J.R. Doporto has had a bad week. After posting a warning to women that they “have a right to be slapped!” for protesting Donald Trump’s agenda, he lost his day job.

In just over 24 hours, an online petition, launched by ProgressNowNM, gained more than 4,000 signatures calling for his resignation from the city council (6,500+ have signed so far, total).

But Doporto has, so far, refused to resign.

Now researchers from ProgressNowNM discovered more disturbing Facebook messages from Doporto that are prompting new and renewed calls for him to give up his seat as a representative in one of Southeast New Mexico’s largest cities.

J.R. Doporto Facebook post, June 2015


The comment was made on the photo of a little boy posed as though he were selling lemonade at a lemonade stand. Not only is the “N” word used but the whole phrase smacks of racial stereotyping of the worst sort, perpetuating a caricature of young men of color.

Citing Donald Trump as an excuse for hateful speech, Doporto seems to have been utilizing this kind of derogatory language well before Trump took office. But not before Doporto himself took office, six years ago, meaning this comment was made while Doporto was a city councilor.

The post disappeared after Doporto gained notoriety for his anti-woman post over the weekend.  His Facebook page disappeared Wednesday, along with the comment.

ProgressNowNM preserved a screenshot.

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Doporto has attempted to justify his misogynist remarks by specifically pointing to Donald Trump’s own hate-filled tweets and rants, but also by invoking the “locker room speech” narrative put out by the Trump campaign.

“Families who live in Eddy County and tourists who think of visiting notice headlines like these, adds Lucas Herndon of ProgressNowNM’s Southern NM Office.  “Carlsbad’s leaders need to be sure the new headline is ‘not in our town’ instead of ‘racism and misogyny are just a joke.’

New Mexico law does not allow for city officials to simply be removed from office except in the case of malfeasance, but we’ve started a petition calling on Doporto to step down.