SB182, bill to sell off public lands dies in committee! Send a quick thank you to Sen. Papen for pulling her bill

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Earlier this week we asked you to reach out to Sen. Mary Kay Papen and ask her to pull her bill SB 182 which would have laid the groundwork for public lands in New Mexico to be sold off. You listened and you responded. In just 48 hours, 1,1018 New Mexicans used our tools to send emails and countless more signed, shared, and posted our call to action.

And today, Senator Papen gave a brief statement to the Senate Education committee (where she referenced all the input she’d received) and asked that the bill be tabled. SB 182 has now died in committee!

Nice job!  In just 48 hours, you took action that was noticed and made a difference. Pretty cool, huh?

How did we do that so fast?  Because someone before you chipped in to pay for the bill trackers, researchers and digital organizers who put this action together.  Want to help power the next win? Pay it forward by donating now.

SB 182 was written by Republican State Late Commissioner Aubrey Dunn and would transfer mineral rights that federal agencies control to the State Land Office. From there the selling of those rights would theoretically fund early childhood education. But the bill was troubling because it laid the groundwork for the federal government to transfer public lands they control to the state, putting millions and millions of acres at risk.

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“Rep. Angelica Rubio said it loud and clear. “Let me say this so Rep. Steve Pearce and Donald Trump can hear: Our public lands are NOT for sale in New Mexico,” she said. She went on to speak about the heritage of people from her district and their ties to the land.”

We want to thank Sen. Papen for listening to the outpouring of support from her constituents and from folks all around the state. She does care deeply about the future of our children and we do need to invest more in Early Childhood Education. Just not at the expense of our public lands.

We’re sending her a letter, thanking her for pulling the bill and for her continued to dedication to New Mexico. You can call her and thank her too at 505-986-4733.