Background Checks for Gun Transfers Legislation Clears House Judiciary Committee, Will Move to House Floor

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After over 6 hours of testimony and debate, house bill 50 (HB50) made it through the Judiciary committee late Friday night and will now move to the floor where it will be voted on by the full House of Representatives. The committee voted 7 to 6 along party lines. The final vote was:

Title Name Party Role
Representative Gail Chasey D Chair – yes
Representative Javier Martínez D Vice Chair – yes
Representative Eliseo Lee Alcon D Member – yes
Representative Cathrynn N. Brown R Member – no
Representative Zachary J. Cook R Member – no
Representative Jim Dines R Member – no
Representative Brian Egolf D Member – yes
Representative Daymon Ely D Member – yes
Representative Nate Gentry R Member – no
Representative Georgene Louis D Member – yes
Representative Matthew McQueen D Member – yes
Representative Greg Nibert R Member – no
Representative William “Bill” R. Rehm R Member – no

The bill will close a longtime loophole in New Mexico law that allows for guns to be sold by private sellers to buyers without any sort of information being collected prior to the sale. This allows for buyers with criminal histories or others who have no place owning a firearm, to be able to purchase firearms – no questions asked.

The senate companion bill, SB 48, will be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee next but no official date has been set yet.

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