Tell Senators to VOTE NO on SB 183

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[UPDATE: We’re proud to say that due to your efforts, SB 183 has been killed in committee. THANK YOU for your show of support and your testimonies.]

We need you to take action on an abortion bill moving through the Roundhouse TOMORROW. On Tuesday, February 14, the Senate Public Affairs Committee will hold a public hearing on SB 183 that threatens to ban women’s access to a safe and legal abortion later in the pregnancy.

Each pregnancy is unique. A woman making the personal and complex decision about abortion later in pregnancy needs access to safe and legal health care without government interference. This decision must remain between a woman, her family and her healthcare provider. Let’s show up in numbers to tell these politicians to stop playing politics with New Mexico women’s health.

Here’s how you can make your voice heard:

CLICK HERE to RSVP  and come to the Roundhouse in Santa Fe on Tuesday, February 14 for the 1:30pm hearing. Please arrive EARLY.

CONTACT a senator on the Senate Public Affairs Committee and tell them you support a woman’s decision about abortion.


SHARE THIS POST. Your presence and your voice will be needed to show the powers be that SB 183 is bad for New Mexico women.

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