Take Action: Healthcare Coverage for Contraception Bill Needs your Support

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[UPDATE: HB 284 is scheduled to go before the House Judiciary Committee on Monday, February 27 at 1:30pm.]

You called, emailed your legislator, and you showed up in big numbers today and you helped DEFEAT an archaic bill. We thank you!

But New Mexico women STILL need your support!

On Wednesday morning at the Roundhouse, should HB 284 move forward in the House Health and Human Services Committee hearing, women across the state will advance the cause of consistent and reliable access to birth control.

Eliminating the need to visit a pharmacy every 30 or 90 days to refill prescriptions, will reduce the chance of an unintended pregnancy. 12-month contraception would be a coup for New Mexico women, and you can help.

ATTEND this hearing:





(Please arrive early.)

Having control over their own bodies and their own reproductive health is essential for New Mexico women. Often the breadwinners in their families, the power to plan an intended pregnancy can be essential to the economic success of New Mexico families, as women make up 56% of the workforce in the state. According to the Department of Health, 1 in 20 young women, without a consistent, reliable form of contraception will become pregnant within one calendar year.

Those same women who receive a one year supply of contraception have been found to be 30% less likely to have an unintended pregnancy compared to women who have visited their doctor or a clinic every 30 to 90 days. In rural communities, access to healthcare might not be as simple swinging by a pharmacy to fill a prescription. A full year of birth control is often the best benefit for women in communities where access to healthcare is a challenge.


SHARE THIS POST. Your presence and your voice will be needed to show the powers that be that HB 284 is a positive step forward for the women of  New Mexico.

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