Action Alert: Health Security Act needs your help

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Guest blog from Josette Haddad – the Health Security for NM Campaign Communications Coordinator

The Health Security Act – HB 101 – is on the floor of the house and the vote for final passage will be taken tomorrow (Friday, February 24).  The votes are tight so we need people to call their legislators now!!

With the Affordable Care Act’s future in question, it is more important than ever for New Mexico to pass the Health Security Act (HB 101), which would create a New Mexico health plan that automatically covers almost all residents, provides freedom of choice of health care provider, including across state lines, and shifts private insurance to a supplemental role.

We need your help so the bill can then move on to the senate.

Please call your representative about this important legislation.

Ask your friends, your family members, and others around the state to call their representatives too.

Calls in support of the Health Security Act to every single representative from his or her constituents will be critical to swing the house floor vote in the bill’s favor.

Help New Mexico take the lead in health care reform!

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