[Listen] Voices of Progress: ProgressNow’s Pat Davis Talks with Generation Justice About ProgressNow, Advice For Young Organizers and Where This All Goes

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Pat Davis

ProgressNow New Mexico is one of the state’s largest and most read political advocacy organizations.  But it wasn’t always that way.  Pat Davis, ProgressNow’s Executive Director and an Albuquerque City Councilor, sat down last week with Generation Justice on KUNM to talk about ProgressNow, complacency and activism and how the progressive movement is growing in New Mexico.

  • Have you ever wondered why ProgressNow started and where it came from?
  • Is this new resistance movement our Tea Party? Davis thinks so, but in a way you might not expect.
  • How are elected officials seeing the resistance?
  • What advice does Davis have for young organizers like Generation Justice to make this movement count?
  • Hear the entire program now, or jump to the segment with ProgressNow’s Pat Davis starting at 21:55 (segment here)

From Generation Justice:

This week we spoke with Patrick Davis, ABQ City Council member, and executive director of ProgressNow New Mexico on what it means to be an activist, and the recent surge of political engagement that followed since inauguration. We also talked with two #NoDAPL supporters, Davin “Legun” Coriz and Christopher Lujan, about the most recent developments on the movement.