[Action Alert] This is the week for background checks for gun purchases

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UPDATE: HB50 to be heard in the House Judiciary Committee on Saturday, March 11. Time: 9AM 

Santa Fe – Legislation that would require background checks for gun purchases is expected to be heard in the Capitol in the coming week.

HB50 was sent back to the House Judiciary Committee for amendments after initially passing and making its way to the floor. Major changes to the legislation will result in the bill heavily targeting online and gun-show sales, relaxing previous restrictions that would have complicated sales or transfers to family members.

HB 50: Requiring background checks for gun sales

o   Who would be included?  Sales at gun shows, gun stores, pawn shops and anyone who tries to buy a gun through a newspaper or online ad from a stranger.

o   What if I want to sell or give a gun to my family?  Nothing would change. Transfers between family members do not require background checks.

Finally, this week, the amended legislation is expected to make a return – so we’re going to need you to reach out to your legislators and let them know that you are among the 87 percent of New Mexicans who support background checks for gun sales.


Help us deliver thousands of personal messages for background checks to all 70 State Representatives, this Saturday at the Roundhouse.
Volunteer by emailing Gabe here.

Visit or Call the Roundhouse and speak directly to your legislator:
Use our tool below to find your legislator and make an appointment to visit, or leave a personal message supporting this legislation (be sure to ask for a call back to discuss it!)

Sign the petition!
This past Friday we hand delivered over 1700 petitions signed by supporters like you. If you haven’t yet signed the petition please do so below and we will continue to show legislators that New Mexicans want background checks for gun purchases.

ProgressNow NM’s Gun Violence Prevention Organizer, Gabe Apodaca, hands in over 1700 petitions to legislators!

Show your support for this common sense legislation that will keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill.

Add your name and we’ll hand-deliver your message this week.

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