Governor Martinez Vetoes Hemp

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HB144 hit its only snag on Thursday: the governor’s desk…

HB144 is a bill to boost New Mexico’s struggling agricultural and manufacturing industries with a new industry requiring half the water of traditional agriculture.

The Governor cited “inconsistencies” in her reasoning for vetoing the possibility of research and development  – referring to the inconsistency between state and federal laws surrounding hemp.


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Marijuana has been a hot topic at the Roundhouse this session.  This industrial hemp bill passed the House with a 42-26 vote,and the Senate with a bi-partisan 30-12 vote.

Martinez has also promised to veto a marijuana decriminalization bill that passed the Senate earlier this week. That proposal, to eliminate criminal penalties for minor marijuana possession, mirrors language in a ballot initiative question ProgressNowNM and the Drug Policy Alliance helped put on the ballot in Albuquerque in 2014.  More people voted for that advisory question than voted for Martinez herself.

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HB144: To Read The Full Bill Click: HERE