Senators Udall & Heinrich can’t do this alone: Tell Sen McCain and Heller to stand up for clean air in the west

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New Mexico Senators Tom Udall (r) and Martin Heinrich (l), both Democrats

Sen. Martin Heinrich & Sen. Tom Udall

This tax season, we should be finding ways to save taxpayer dollars, not giving the oil and gas industry a pass to waste our money and pollute our air. We need our elected officials to stand up for us, not for the multi-billion dollar oil and gas industry.

Drillers in western states dump millions of tons of methane – a greenhouse gas more powerful than CO2 and dangerous to the air we breathe – into our air each year. Like other mineral royalties in the west, drillers are supposed to pay royalties on the public resources they drill – but they don’t pay if they vent it into the air.


An Obama-era rule required them to cap the leaks and stop venting public resources and royalties they owe us.


Now drilling companies and President Trump is asking Congress to repeal that rule and more than 1,000 New Mexicans have already asked our US Senators to stand strong and oppose the repeal. They are on board, but Senators Udall & Heinrich can’t do it themselves.


We’ve teamed up with our ProgressNow partners in 4 westerns states to amplify our voices across state lines for a joint message to our Senators: Oppose the Methane Rule repeal and make oil and gas companies pay their fair share.


Senators Udall (NM), Heinrich (NM), Bennett (CO) and Cortez Masto (NV) have all stood up to protect the rule, but they need help.

joint petition

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Clean air doesn’t know partisan or state lines, and neither should our actions.  Help us make this big 4-state action go viral so (Senators McCain and Flake) (Senator Heller) can’t vote to destroy our air without being noticed.


Tell Senators Jeff Flake, John McCain and Dean Heller to stand up with us, not big oil companies, to oppose the Methane Rule repeal.


– ProgressNow NM 


PS – Have you RSVP’d to join Sen. Udall next Tuesday for Town Halls on methane pollution and clean air? More than 450 New Mexicans are already confirmed, so don’t miss out. Find an event near you here.