5 Big Ways Trump’s Government Shutdown Will Impact New Mexico on Day 1

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President Donald Trump wants his 100th day in office to be memorable.  That milestone comes this weekend, but it might not be memorable for the reasons he wants.

Funding for the Federal government ends on Friday and Trump is demanding that Congress pass a budget extension to fund two key campaign promises: building a border wall and billions in new military spending at the expense of state department and domestic programs.

If his big push goes anything like his Obamacare repeal, Trump won’t get his budget and that means Trump’s 100th day could be day 1 of a government shutdown.

Earlier this month our own Gov. Martinez threw a fit and threatened a government shutdown if she didn’t get the budget bill she wanted.

Now Trump is following suit, so we wanted to see what a shutdown would mean for New Mexicans.  New Mexicans remember the 2013 government shutdown led by Steve Pearce and the Freedom Caucus in an attempt to defund Obamacare.

Pearce has been quiet on whether he will vote for President Trump’s border wall and military spending budget continuation request. So stay tuned.

We updated some of the data from then to see what a shutdown would mean today:

  • 30,000-50,000 unemployed federal workers. New Mexico has almost 30,000 Federal employees whose families count on a paycheck to make ends meet. Just like during the 2013 shutdown voted for by Steve Pearce, the vast majority of those workers will be sent home without pay.  Another 20,000 more contractors like those in our Los Alamos and Sandia National Labs also run the risk of furlough if federal payments stop for prolonged periods of time.

  • Closures of public lands, big hits to public recreation industry: Again in 2013, more than 750 BLM, Forest Service and Parks Service employees were furloughed when public lands were closed. As we approach Summer months, families will be devoid of things to see and do in this beautiful state of ours. Outdoor recreation generates $6.1 billion in spending in New Mexico each year, providing the state with more than $400 million in state and local tax revenue and employing 68,000 New Mexicans, according to the NM Wilderness Alliance.
  • 400+ Small Businesses will Lose Access to Small Biz Loans. With a federal closure at stake, those who will really pay the price are the “little guys,” the men and women who run small businesses right here in New Mexico. A report from the  Small Business Administration of New Mexico shows that more than 400 loans were awarded last year for a total of more than $171 million. Without the capital to open their doors, we won’t see many new businesses, and without support from entities like the SBA, we are likely to see some of our favorite “mom and pops” close up shop.
  • Federal Benefits for Veterans, Seniors, and those with Disabilities will be Delayed and or go Entirely Unpaid: New Mexicans who collect Social Security and Disability will not receive their checks if there is no one in Washington to send out the checks. More than 500,000 New Mexicans are OASDI recipientsSSI recipients, or Veterans receiving benefits.  The Federal government provides more than $1 billion a month (see below) in benefits to New Mexicans – another big hit to our economy and the personal budgets of hundreds of thousands of New Mexico families.
  • 8,000+ New Mexico Children Cut Off From HeadStart Programs: In 2013, closure caused temporary suspension of funding to Head Start programs around the country. Nearly 8,000 New Mexican children received services from a Head Start program last year. In a state that is last in education and near the bottom in so many other vital categories, it is hard to see money go out the door that helps in our already most dire of situations.

And even if those issues don’t impact you, you’ll still notice.The federal government spends almost $28 billion in New Mexico, or $13,577 per person, according to the NM Business First.  Our economy takes a big hit for every day President Trump keeps his tantrum going.

Here’s a breakdown of annual Federal spending in New Mexico:


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Federal Spending in New Mexico, Source: IRS