Congressional Dems just saved New Mexico’s medical cannabis program from Trump and AG Sessions

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Hidden in the 1,000+ page Federal budget agreement reached on Sunday is language inserted by Democrats prohibiting the Trump administration from using any federal dollars to go after state-approved legal marijuana programs in New Mexico and 41 other states, Washington D.C., Guam, and Puerto Rico.

The $1 trillion dollar spending budget gives $0 to the Department of Justice and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to launch his long talked about “war on marijuana users.” Sessions, who is staunchly opposed to legalization for medical and or recreational uses of the drug, has been quoted numerous times in his opposition and believes that people who use marijuana are “not good people.” The majority of Americans, however, disagree with Sessions.

In fact, majorities on both sides believe that the federal government should keep its “hands out of the pot,” when it comes to enforcing federal laws that revolve around marijuana possession, use and, distribution for approved medical and recreational use.

The decision to keep money out of the hands of the Department of Justice in this matter is a win for many states – including us right here in New Mexico.

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Although not out of the woods, and with an uncertain future in regards to how New Mexico will deal with the legalization of recreational marijuana, the language included thanks to the work of Democrats and some brave Republicans in Congress protects for another year the states who are working through and with the marijuana cultivation and consumer industries, both recreational and medical to battle municipal spending and budget woes.


We will continue to track the process of this situation, as it affects and or benefits the livelihood of New Mexicans.

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