Steve Pearce’s PAC sends (stock image) pandering mailer to Latino voters in Las Cruces

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Big, outside money is the new normal in small local elections. But what happens when outside organizers try too hard to pander to local interests?

Take a look for yourself.

So what’s the problem you ask? We think Las Cruces resident Gabriel Vasquez sums it up pretty well in his Facebook post:


That’s right, Congressman Steve Pearce’s Political Action Committee, GOALWest, sent out these pandering mailers to Las Cruces voters in advance of today’s Soil and Water Conservation District election. 

The image does come straight from a quick google search for “elderly Hispanic couple photo,” showing just how “in touch” with voters Pearce and his ilk really are.

Does no one in Thurston’s entire district know an actual Hispanic or Latino rancher who would have volunteered to make this mailer? That’s actually not that surprising, considering that the current members of the Dona Ana Soil and Water Conservation board have passed a resolution supporting Trump’s wall.

This is certainly not the first time Pearce has tried to assert his fiscal influence over local elections in Las Cruces, or around the state for that matter.

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Read here about earlier this year when Pearce took his PAC money out of the distrtict and tried to influence Albuquerque School Board elections. 

And read here about his attempt to influence the municipal races in Las Cruces in 2015.

Today’s election isn’t the biggest by any stretch but clearly, Pearce and his Tea Party base are committed to trying to buy their way into at least one victory in Dona Ana County. Hopefully the voters today continue to rebuke such attempts.

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