Report: Steve Pearce has voted for Trump’s bills 93% of the time

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New Mexico voters elected Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump in 2016.  But that hasn’t stopped New Mexico’s lone Pro-Trump Congressman, Steve Pearce, from voting with Donald Trump on everything from internet privacy to eliminating healthcare.

In fact, an analysis by ProPublica and FiveThirtyEight shows that Pearce votes Trump’s position 93% of the time, far more than any other New Mexico legislator. 

Most recently, Pearce voted for Trump’s repeal of healthcare which would cost 23 million Americans access to healthcare and spike premiums for the rest of us by 20% next year alone.

Add that to his votes allowing internet companies to sell your personal data and browsing history for profit and his vote repealing rules requiring energy companies to stop polluting.

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It’s all in this report (click to view the full analysis, updated as votes are taken):

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