[ACT NOW] Doña Ana County to vote on National Monument status

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The assault on New Mexico’s public lands has been relentless since Trump assumed control of the executive branch. Of course, our own representative in Congress, Steve Pearce, has always been opposed to preserving public lands for anything other than development, but mostly we’ve been able to hold him off for years.

But, residents in Dona Ana County will, once again, have to respond to this call of action RIGHT NOW to oppose ANOTHER attack, this time from the lone Republican on the Dona Ana County Commission. Commissioner Ben Rawson has put forth a call to support Trump’s “review” process and it will be heard TOMORROW.

There’s also a counter resolution being presented supporting the monument AS IS and commissioners will have to vote on one or the other.

Act Now: 
Tomorrow there is an information based meeting with the Doña Ana County Commission where concerned citizens can receive more detailed information and ask questions. Find that information here.

As the Interior Department continues to review national monuments, it is imperative that we as New Mexicans continue to show support for the land we love. Help our county commissioners protect our monuments – join ProgressNow NM as we move quickly to act in a sign of appreciation and responsibility for the land we occupy.