Trump’s hate – trumps policy…

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San Francisco, CA, USA - June 26, 2016: A woman marches down Market Street in San Francisco during the 2016 Pride Parade while holding up a sign that says "Love Trumps Hate".

Well, here we go again. Wednesday, President Trump announced that he is banning transgender individuals from serving in the armed forces, in any capacity. Yes, you read that right. These days, a double take is certainly necessary when we as Americans awake to reports of our commander-in-chief’s TWEETS – yes, tweets. For sake of showing you the proof in 140 characters or less, here it is:

According to a Mic.Com article, this dimwitted thumb-triggered decision comes as a response to a failed attempt to pass an amendment drafted to ban the use of military health coverage for means of reassignment surgery and other processes related to transitioning for transgender individuals serving in the armed forces. President Obama made transitioning and reassignment processes possible for transgender individuals who were serving our country, by way of their health coverage, during his time in office. Now, we are seeing the safety of our fellow brothers and sisters in the LGTBQ community threatened once again by a Trump administration decision.

President Trump’s disregard for equality, his mistreatment and hateful behavior toward transgender individuals, and his hate fueled platform continue to rock our country at its base. The 2016 approved accession plan, now thwarted in 60 seconds or less by the leader of the free world has had a loud impact in the media and on social media alike. A recent graphic circulating that highlights reassignment and transitioning costs in relation to other military programs illustrates why Americans are confused, angry, and appalled by Trump’s recent tweets.

We will continue to follow the fallout from this hate-motivated-move and ask you to join us as we encounter ways in which we can engage our community and voice our disdain for this most recent development – while #Resisting the Trump agenda. As we do so, we do have to bring you a bright spot of humanity and well put perspective from one of New Mexico’s progressive elected officials, Representative Bill McCamely.

On that note…