In NM, one racist resigned, but hate groups are ramping up local recruiting and actions

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After the tragedy in Charlottesville played out across national television and Twitter, The New Mexico Political Report shared a racist Facebook post from Dona Ana County’s Republican Party chairman echoing Trump’s excusal for white nationalists.  


As his post was getting national attention and you joined our petitions calling for him to resign, our own researchers uncovered more statements from the chairman (a retired State Police captain) calling for prisoners to dole out rape as punishment and more.


He resigned, but he’s not the only one.


KRQE reported that the KKK launched a new recruiting effort aimed at New Mexico and the Santa Fe New Mexican discovered that the head of the racist group the Charlottesville car driver marched with lives right here in Roswell.


In a few weeks, a pro-Trump group is organizing events in Albuquerque as a part of a national anti-Muslim day of action.


President Trump’s campaign embraced these groups and now they are organizing “to fulfill the promises of Donald Trump,” according to KKK leader David Duke.


Americans – and New Mexicans – are better than this and we, like you, are dedicated to fighting back.  


One way we can help is by supporting the New Mexico Political Report’s Intolerance Watch Project.  Their reporters have been tracking and reporting on threats to communities, as well as positive stories about New Mexicans standing up for those under attack.

It is good local reporting New Mexico needs to understand and address our own challenges.

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