New Mexico’s Senators will both co-sponsor Bernie’s Medicare For All bill

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Joining with at least 11 other senators Tuesday, Senators Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich announced they will be co-sponsoring Senator Bernie Sanders landmark Medicare For All bill. The bill seeks to implement a single-payer healthcare system in the United States. similar to all other industrialized countries around the world.

Udall announced his endorsement on social media this afternoon.

According to the New Mexico Political Report, Heinrich’s office confirmed he would also be signing on as a co-sponsor later today. 

New Mexico Senators Tom Udall (r) and Martin Heinrich (l), both Democrats

Sen. Martin Heinrich & Sen. Tom Udall

President Trump and the Republican Party have sought to end the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and failed so many times up to now that it’s laughable. But there’s nothing funny about the hundreds of thousands of New Mexicans who would lose coverage should the ACA be repealed at some point.

There are many groups that a universal healthcare system would help protect. In New Mexico, the state with the highest populations of veterans, Medicare For All would be a welcome solution to covering so many disparate groups in need of coverage.

It’s unclear yet if the bill will pick up enough traction, in the long run, to make its way through the Senate, but it most certainly will be a litmus test for elected officials next year during the midterm election cycle. But it’s inspiring to see our two senators on the forefront of progress on this crucial change to the way America does healthcare.