Once again, Rep. Steve Pearce holds town hall and doesn’t really say anything

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Congressman Steve Pearce attended a small community meeting in Anthony today to answer questions about immigration, public lands, and healthcare but mostly used political platitudes and doublespeak to avoid answering anything.

ProgressNow New Mexico was there and broadcast the whole thing live. Check it out:

Despite being over 15 minutes late the congressman still made constituents wait longer as he took questions from Univision reporters outside. By the time he actually started answering questions, it was nearly 10:30 and he only stuck around until 11:30, despite the event being billed from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

The majority of questions from community members centered on immigration and then mostly about his stance on DACA and President Trump’s planned rescinding of that program. But no matter how many times or ways the question was asked, Pearce was not able to provide any clear directives on what he would support, only on what he wouldn’t support. He kept repeating a mantra of not supporting anything “special” for Dreamers, although it was never clear what that meant.

On public lands issues, Pearce continued his anti-monument rhetoric by repeating Sec. of the Interior Zinke’s claims that specific antiquities within the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument were somehow less important than other artifacts or areas in other monuments. He also doubled-down when confronted about a list of businesses that supposedly don’t support the monument, despite one of the actual businesses being present and stating they do in fact support the monument as is.

On healthcare, Pearce again never stated what he’d be in favor of, just that he was against the ACA and a recent Senate plan to push for Medicare For All. Even when asked specifically about his run for governor and what he’d do to ensure that New Mexicans were able to access affordable healthcare, Pearce implied that the only reason so many New Mexicans were on Medicaid already was because of the poor economy of the state. So, no answers about solutions, just placing blame on other people and not answering the question.

While Pearce’s run for governor doesn’t seem to have officially started, it’s clear he’s using smaller appearances like today’s event to garner a rapport with rural voters. Hopefully, those voters keep turning out like they did today to push back and hear just how little he has to say.