Steve Pearce and President Trump agree: No healthcare for you

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President Donald Trump yesterday signed an executive order aimed squarely at undermining major tenets of the Affordable Care Act after his party has repeatedly failed to pass so-called repeal and replace legislation since his term began.

Trump’s actions jeopardize millions of Americans while being extremely unpopular with all but his more ardent supporters. Supporters like New Mexico’s own Steve Pearce.

Congressman Pearce’s statement blames Obamacare for “failing” without once mentioning the role he and the Republican majority in Congress have had in actively defunding it while failing to proactively replace the law with ANYTHING else.

But honestly, what else could be expected from the man whose stance on healthcare in America is this:

…people should just “stay healthy until you are old enough for Medicare.”

Just last month, Pearce’s party let the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) lapse without a word, dooming some 9 MILLION low-income children in the US to an uncertain future in terms of their health options. The Albuquerque Journal reported that in New Mexico alone, 11,300 kids rely on CHIP funding to supplement state spending at community health centers around the state. The end of that article concludes with a quote from Pearce’s staffer and it’s VERY interesting.

Keeley Christensen, a spokeswoman for GOP Rep. Steve Pearce, said “action must be taken in the near future to avoid any disruption of access to these programs.”

Huh, well that’s odd. That’s the same program that Pearce has voted against TWICE before under another Republican President. That’s right, Pearce voted AGAINST funding CHIP in 2007 even when his colleague Heather Wilson and many other Rs voted for it. The stalemate created a situation where Congress had to vote again in 2008, where Pearce voted against it AGAIN!

With Pearce showing strong numbers in terms of fundraising for his run for Governor, the prospects for children, women, lower income folks, and pretty much anyone who actually relies on health insurance for pre-existing conditions is terrifying.